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We are the official center for preparing students for the External Independent Assessment to enter the baccalaureate or master’s program. We know exactly how to get the highest scores because our teachers prepare and quickly review the External Independent Assessment written part from the Ukrainian Center of Education Quality Assessment. That is why we prepare children from 8th to 9th grades ahead of time or offer an intensive course for all 11th graders.
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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an international exam that determines English proficiency and is required to study in foreign countries, travel, or work in English-speaking countries.
For students in grades 9 and 11, obtaining an IELTS certificate provides an automatic score for the National Assessment Test in English. Young people have the best prospects for getting a prestigious job abroad, a move to the country of their dreams, and the opportunity for fulfillment.
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PTE preparation

The Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is an international language proficiency exam that certifies proficiency in English and provides a certificate of proficiency. The exam is a compulsory requirement for admission to a foreign language school. For students of 9th and 11th grades, the PTE certificate gives an automatic score for the National Assessment Test in English. For adults – the possibility of migrating to English-speaking countries, getting prestigious jobs in international companies, and a high level of English for life.
But that’s not all! CLA provides excellent preparation for PTE and helps you register and take the exam, as we are the official center for international exams. Also, come to the trial and find out all the details!


International Exams is one of our specializations. We prepare for PTE, IELTS and CAE, PET, and KET training courses. Get more information on these courses and more by contacting us.

We will create an individual plan of preparation for the exam, ask you to choose the best teacher for you, and then help you apply and take the exam with a favorable discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students choose CLA to learn how to communicate effectively in the first place. Not just rote phrases, but communication in English in various everyday situations – check-in at the airport, lunch at a restaurant in the country, or solving typical problems in an English-speaking environment. We allow you to speak as you do in life, not in standardized templates.
Our school has different areas: – English language (CLA Kids (6-12 years old), CLA Teens (12-15 years old), general English for adults, preparation for the External Independent Assessment, preparation for international exams, business English and medical English) – German and French – general courses for adults and preparation for tests in German and French in an individual format.
The free lesson has several steps: 1. You fill out a request for a free lesson on our website, by phone number, or in any of our social media messengers. 2. Choose the appropriate date for the lesson with our manager and define your goals for the language you wish to learn. 3. Your teacher guides you through an online lesson and tests your four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 4. After the lesson, you form a personalized learning plan with your teacher, including specific goals and steps for each month.
Online groups can have up to 10 students. Offline sometimes up to 5 people. There is also a possibility to turn into mini-groups of 2-3 students – more details about this at the consultation.
One lesson lasts 60 min. But if you want to work on it, you can take a 90- or 120-min class beforehand. We also have students who take two lessons per week, 90-min each, to get the most out of it.
Learning formats in CLA: – Online – with Zoom meetings – Offline – in the office in Chernivtsi – Combined format – once a week online, and the other – at school.
You can apply for a teacher on your own, or our manager will offer you a list of available teachers.
We offer a test for the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) during the first free lesson. After that, our tutor will help you determine your level of language skills and choose the most suitable study plan for you.
Well, we have a business and English medical groups. If there is a need for another professional direction, we can discuss the option of a personalized training format.
We always prepare comprehensively and never use just one textbook. We always use authentic materials at our school, and we are also partners with Pearson, who regularly provide us with new tutorials to prepare for the SCE. We also have author’s manuals, and after the transition to B1 level, we stopped using the Ukrainian language in the lessons and spoke only English.
In 2020, all of our students did 160+ CCS – even during the lockdown. Approximately 20% of students will test at 195+. In 2021 our students will average 178+ scores. There has never been a case of someone failing to pass the exam at our school.
We work on comprehensive training. Also, our school has a package offer: the child prepares for External Independent Assessment from the 1st of September and at the same time prepares for PTE from the 1st of September until the 1st of December. The exam for PTE takes place in December, and in February, the child receives the certificate and the opportunity to receive 12 points for the National Consecutive English Language Assessment. Such preparation guarantees the highest scores in the External Independent Assessment and solid moral practice of the child because one test has already been completed so that the External Independent Assessment will be ideally passed.
The PTE (Pearson Tests of English) is given in 140 countries worldwide and is required for admission to foreign universities, prestigious jobs, and residency in English-speaking countries. In Ukraine, RTE guarantees 12 scores in English and the National Assessment Test for students of 9th and 11th grades. We also prepare for other international exams – IELTS and TOEFL.

PTE can be taken directly at our school in Chernivtsi because we are an official training and writing center for international exams.
As for other tests, our teachers always help us find a place, find out the time, register, and get a discount for taking tests.

CLA are the official preparation and writing
center for international English tests.

Preparation for external evaluation for children 12-15 years old and intensive course for 11th grade students

Preparation for PTE and IELTS for 4 months individually or in mini-groups

Assistance in passing the international exam and discounts for CLA students

8/10 of our students pass the EIT, PTE and IELTS with the highest scores

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Apply for your first free lesson
Take the test to get an individual learning plan
Choose a format: offline/online, individual/group

Sign the contract and enjoy your English

Welcome! You’re in CLAcadamy!

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